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Cafe Cielo

Café Cielo Blend Constellation - Whole Bean

Café Cielo Blend Constellation - Whole Bean

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Constellation: centuries of ancestral wisdom give life to an exquisite blend from the highest mountains of Guatemala. Unique for its aroma and fragrance resulting from the union of its complex soils, special microclimates, and hands that cultivate it with love; harvested at altitudes from 1800 to 2000 meter above sea level, enriched with notes of chocolate, walnut, and lemon.

More than exquisite coffee: we assign part of our profits to non-profit institutions. We will invest in education for children who live in vulnerable populations in Central America. Each of our partners, clients, and anyone involved will be joining these causes and bringing smiles with us.

USDA Organic
Organic content
Product contains at least 95% organic material.

Sustainability features
This product has sustainability features recognized by trusted certifications.

Farming practices
Made with materials harvested from responsibly managed farms.

Now from beautiful Guatemala, the Café Cielo family has made every effort to deliver a select coffee to you. Our dream is you can enjoy and share it with your loved ones, thus, each cup served translates to love. Today we cultivate with faith, we harvest with hope, and we roast in celebration that from the mountain to your table, more than a coffee, comes a little piece of Heaven.

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